TeMec Drive cares about development in innovative products field having a high technological value referring in particular to the motion control of the electric drives, electronic and electric power equipment, automation, electronic and electromechanical parts under Customer request, whereas software and application connected to as well. The cooperation between Research and Development Centres and important Universities has led to the fulfilment and to the production of highly performed series range, whose products have been studying to solve main problems connected to the industrial automation and automatic machines field.

Drive Brushless DF1 Falcon

  • Variable Supply: from 230Vac to 400Vac single phase or three phases.
  • Rated Currents from 3A till 42A.
  • Realized with a superficial mounting technology and completely digital, DF1 FALCON is an universal drive of last generation especially suitable for Closed Loop control of Brushless & Vectorial motors.
  • Totally configurable by an easy and intuitive user interface DF1 offers solutions to the most range of applications in the Motion Contol market.
  • DF1 represents nowadays one of the most news on the market thanks to the technologies used to realize the product. The Speed Control, Current and Position are entrusted to a last generation DSP which is extremely fast and it guarantees the parameters processing in real time.
  • Mechanical compactness, exceptional reliability and a very good ratio between quality and price complete the product which can be considered one of the market datum point.
  • A RS232 serial lets to connect a PC to DF1 and, through the communication software which is issued with the drive, visualize in real time the most important sizes as motor current, motor speed, etc. 
  • The Field bus represents nowadays an undiscussable facilitation for the automatic machines manufacturers, allowing to save in a significant way the whole part of panel and wiring. DF1 has been thought and realized for these type of users, for this reason it has been chosen a field bus entirely free and open as the CAN Open with functions of positioner interpolating, electric axis and electronic cam which let to simplify the CNC, PLC working.




AMR drivers are a line of pwm 4 quadrants switching converters; the compact dimensions, the high static and dynamic profit as well as the mos-fet power stage make those drives particularly suitable for application where motion regularity and speed accuracy are essential features. The mounting rapidity and calibration are ensured by the removable terminal boards and the accessible socket from drive front such as all the main operations are clearly reported by led of different colouring. The variable supply supplied by a dc 24-60 V bus, the available from 4 to 10A currents range, the protections from down tension and over tension from short-circuit towards earth, on the motor and on the feeding, make the AMR a complete drive for the demanding clientele, too.The AMR drive is particularly suitable for CNC equipment applications.




AM drivers are characterised by compact dimensions and high performances due to the mos-fet working at 12kz pwm; there are particularly  adapted  for  automation  sector,  they  can drive both permanent magnets and separately excited type motors. 
Thanks to the wide range of voltages  available  both  in  AC  and  in  DC,  to  the  rated  current  and  to  the possibility to insert options, AM drivers are versatile in every market. The simplicity  of use and the great reliability joint to the optimal quality/price ratio make the AM drivers series an important partner for small motion sector. 


AZ2 Technical data

  • Supply voltage: from 12 to 48 V DC, maximum ripple 20%.
  • Output current: 15 A / motor, S3 – 30% - 5 minutes service.
  • PWM frequency: 15 kHz.
  • Quiescent current: 50 mA.
  • 12 digital inputs (3 – 12 V DC): 8 inputs for commands and limit switches, 4 inputs for encoder signals (max 1 kHz); pull-up/down (10 kΩ) can be set by one jumper for each input type.
  • 2 digital outputs: NPN open collector (max 50 mA – 24 V DC), one for general fault and one with programmable function.
  • Fully configurable parameters, by user-friendly PC application.


  • without heat sink, up to 10 A / motor: 86x72x30 mm (LxWxH).
  • with heat sink, up to 15 A / motor: 86x72x50 mm (LxWxH).

Electronic board designed for the control of one or two linear actuators driven by low voltage DC motors, with MOSFET-based output stage and pulse width modulation. 
AZ2 is designed for reducing power loss and achieve high efficiency, also with motor blocked in short circuit. The medium voltage applied to the motor is continuously variable, thanks to pulse width modulation, allowing managing both the input power and the actuators movement in the most efficient way. 
There are two working mode: control of one or two independent actuators or synchronous control of two actuators. In both cases, the acceleration and deceleration ramps are programmable in both amplitude and time. In the first mode the actuator is stopped when the limit switches are reached or when the current limits are exceeded; then the motor is blocked in short circuit. In synchronous mode, thanks to Hall-effect encoders, the user can set the electronic limit positions in both opening and closing directions.
In synchronous mode the user can move the actuators independently, for the first assembly or in case of failure. The start-up alignment (homing) can be executed automatically, at power-on, or after the user command.