DC/AC Linear Actuators

A linear actuator is an electromechanical device providing a linear movement, in contrast with the rotatory motion of the applied electric motor. The linear actuator, in fact, transforms a rotation into a linear movement of pushing, pulling, lifting or positioning loads even up to 20 tons. The use of the electric system leads to a series of benefits, if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, as being suitable for many applications in different industrial fields.

Max load from 1,2kN to 200kN
Max speed from 12mm/s to 230mm/s
Power supply DC or AC

Limit switches, potentiometer, encoder, anti-rotation device, torque limiter, safety nut, bellows boot, paint coatings, special editions, customized ends and flanges available on request according to the model.

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AM Actuators

This range of “hybrids” between linear actuators and servo actuators gives shape to a kind of product perfect for the latest generation of brushless and stepper motors. It is designed in detail to ensure a constant and optimal control on position, speed and force reached during each linear movement.
The AM line, in fact, has been developed for those applications requiring high speeds even with medium/high loads, but also more particular movements as these products can act as motorized arms, performing a really precise handling, where all the power at disposal is adjusted according to specific needs, in order to reach the best result.

Max load 15.000 N
Max speed 150 mm/s
Power supply BL/SERVO
Motor supplied from customer

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Linear Actuator HP5

The high efficiency supplied by HP5 linear actuator is ensured by the use of top quality components and a great attention for dimensions and fixing systems, making it versatile and easy to install in any system.
Due to the importance that renewable energies have for the company, performances have been specifically developed to meet photovoltaic industry needs, with a product able to keep a very high static load also in case of long strokes (> 500 mm), maintaining extremely low both speed and consumption (15000 N with 2 mm/s and 6 A).
HP5 states itself as a new configuration characterized by structural strength and flexibility, to model itself in compliance with applications requiring high load capacity and moderate speed, to get precise and controlled movements.

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HRS line takes shape from the join between efficiency and safety of linear actuators with resistance and load capacity of screw jacks, placing itself as a hybrid able to take the best from these two different kind of product and then offer excellent performance. This range is dedicated in particular to heavy industry, to the hardest fields, to outdoor applications, where it is required to face environmental conditions even critical, being tailored for any kind of need. This thanks to a customization service provided by the company that allows to configure each product in detail, to be perfectly suitable for the linear motion to which it is intended.

Max load 200kN
Max speed 50 mm/s
Power supply AC

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Screw Jacks HR/HT

Screw jacks transform the rotatory movement provided by an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or manual motor into a linear motion: a vertical lifting, in pull or push, or an horizontal positioning. They can be used individually or in configurations made up of several screw jacks coupled together through couplings, transmission shafts and bevel gearboxes. Screw jacks allow to have perfectly balanced systems even with loads not perfectly distributed on the surface.

Max load from 5kN to 200kN
Gear ratio from 1:4 to 1:30
Rotating screw or travelling screw

Limit switches, potentiometer, encoder according to the model

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KP Series Screw Jacks

Due to market requests for a constant reduction of costs and delivery time, the company proposes its “KP” solution, born by HT and HR screw jacks range. KP series is dedicated to the easiest lifting systems, both vertical and horizontal, where to perform the movement is just required a hand wheel for the manual driving or an electric motor for starting it, components usually available in the market as well as belts and pulleys, while MecVel provides the “heart” of the motion. The company offers four different sizes of gearboxes already mounted and grease lubricated, up to 5 kN (500 kg), from 5 to 10 kN (1 ton), from 10 to 25 kN (2,5 tons) and from 25 to 50 kN (5 tons), with two gear ratios ready for delivery: 1:10 and 1:30.

KP line is subdivided in two kinds of kits:
• The one that takes shape from HT models, where the acme screw runs through the gearbox - KT version
• The one that takes shape from HR models, where the acme screw rotates integrally with the gearbox. In this case the linear motion is performed by a nut travelling along the acme screw (nut included in the kit) - KR version

According to the kind of kit, MecVel combines the acme screw in a different way:
• With KT, it is supplied in one meter steps, which the customer can furtherly cut depending on the stroke length needed
• With KR, it is supplied with a working stroke of 500 mm, and the rear end modified for the correct join with the gearbox. The front end is “at customer disposal”, to adjust the acme screw length according to application requests

Max load from 5kN to 50kN
Gear ratio from 1:10 to 1:30
Acme screw from 18x4 to 40x7 according to the model

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Possibility to provide bevel gears, shafts and couplings.

Possibility to also supply shafts and couplings. Through the use of the appropriate joints, AT and ATM shafts can be mounted even after the application and the fixing of the screw jack: place the transmission shaft on the screw jack shaft, and fix the joint hubs using the screws, to be tightened with a specific torque.


Max. Torque 620 Nm 380 Nm
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Max. Torque 1250 Nm 380 Nm
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