Motorcycle Division

After thirty years of collaboration with the most prestigious and important brands (DID - NISSIN), Ognibene SpA, thanks to its experience and careful market research, has created its own professional line of products for high performance motorcycles called TROFEO by Ognibene. Extraordinarily effective for all types of riding, the complete line dedicated to motorcycles includes: transmission kits, chains, brake pads and a line of patented OGNIBENE silenced gears.

Industry Division

Ognibene S.p.A. employs an Industry division that since the 1960s has been dedicated to the design and resale of standard industrial chains and industrial chains modified at the customer's request. With a turnover of almost 9 million euros, the Industry division of Ognibene SpA, called Ognibene ChainTech, has a warehouse for fixed and automatic storage of 3000 square meters and an internal production department of 1500 square meters, positioning itself as a leader in Italy in the supply sector of special custom and commercial chains. the company's core business, providing accessories that strengthen the offer, providing a service that can be defined as complete in every part. Ognibene ChainTech is mainly aimed at the packaging sector - packaging of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products - represented in Italy by 80% of customers, but also covering other fields, such as agricultural machinery, forklifts, ceramic plants and painting, woodworking machinery, assembly lines for the automotive sector and others. The target customers of Ognibene ChainTech are manufacturers of automatic machines, resellers of industrial spare parts and all companies that use automatic machines. The most successful proposals of Ognibene ChainTech are the customized industrial chain upon customer request, as it guarantees a high technical specialization and self-lubricating products such as Oring, sintered bushes and lubrication systems. A certification is affixed to guarantee all products, a fundamental feature to guarantee the quality and traceability of each item. Relying on Ognibene ChainTech also means being able to make use of a quick and qualified support. The comparison with internal contacts able to provide specialized support considerably reduces operational times, which would be considerably longer with further intermediate steps. Thanks to its reliability in the field of customer service, important references have made use of the support of Ognibene ChainTech such as IMA, GD Group, Marchesini Group, Robopak, Tecnogym and Scm. "Ognibene ChainTech is constantly growing, just think that in the last period there was an increase of 8%, a positive trend that has been recurring for several years, reconfirming the efficiency and quality of the company's production system" declares Luca Cacciatore , Sales Manager of the industry department of Ognibene SpA "Looking to the future, we will try to fuel this trend, focusing on the development of new products and greater openness to foreign markets, as well as an expansion of the internal production department".

Sense Advance

Lubrication systems and other components are also manufactured within Ognibene ChainTech, with a range of products that meet all customer needs. In this regard, an internal company was founded, Sense Advance, which aims to provide a solution to the problems associated with the supply of chains, such as: lubrication, safety devices, monitoring and cleaning systems of the same.

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